Dwayne Johnson replaces Clive Owen?

Ex-wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will reportedly be replacing Clive Owen on long delayed Protection .

Scripted by Brandon Noonan, Johnson will play a disgraced former Special Forces soldier seeking redemption for his past.

After a Judge is murdered by a Mexican cartel, he steps in to protect the man's 21 year old daughter after she agrees to testify against the killers.

Aside from Owen leaving the project, originally assigned director Patrick Alessandrin ( District 13: Ultimatum ) has also dropped out, but with news of Johnson getting on board the project it seems the film’s production is getting back on track.

And as for the replacement of Johnson over Owen? It's all gone a bit Commando, which can only be a good thing…

Rock & Roll? Or rocking the boat?