Candlekeep Mysteries deals - get the Dungeons and Dragons book for less

Candlekeep Mysteries deals
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The latest Dungeons and Dragons adventure book has just arrived on bookshelves, and we're on-hand to help you get it for less with these Candlekeep Mysteries deals. You can grab the tome for yourself at Amazon US and Amazon UK, where it's already seeing a few tempting discounts.

Comprised of 17 one-shot adventures that are designed by up-and-coming writers, each quest revolves around a unique case the party must solve. Because they can be used as one-offs or dropped into existing campaigns, Candlekeep Mysteries deals are a lot more attractive - the quests contained within aren't limited to the Forgotten Realms (the same universe as Baldur's Gate 3 or the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set).

While we're on the subject, the book also revisits the history of Dungeons and Dragons by bringing back the library fortress of Candlekeep itself. This location is amongst the oldest pieces of D&D lore, appearing in everything from decades-old Dungeons and Dragons books to RPG video games like Baldur's Gate. As the setting's largest depository of literature and miscellaneous nerdery, adventurers from the Forgotten Realms that seek answers can get what they need here. However, this entry stands out by making its characters vague enough that they can easily be co-opted for a homebrew world if you'd prefer (speaking of which, how do you write a Dungeons and Dragons campaign? We've got the answer in our exclusive interview).

Sold? To help you get the best offer, we've listed some Candlekeep Mysteries deals below.

Candlekeep Mysteries deals

Candlekeep Mysteries

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Hoping to get your hands on Candlekeep Mysteries for a bit less than normal? The book is available at a discount right now at a number of retailers in the US and UK - namely, Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Barnes and Noble. You can see the latest offers below.

If you'd prefer to go digital, a PDF edition is also available at D&D Beyond and online tabletop site Roll20. The latter features a more interactive version of Candlekeep Mysteries that can be used in the platform's virtual games.

US deals

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UK deals

Accessories and extras

Candlekeep Mysteries

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In an unusual move, Candlekeep Mysteries isn't launching alongside any themed dice, DM screens, or miniatures. However, there's plenty of other cool accessories you can get your hands on - namely, the Curse of Strahd Revamped boxset comes with a physical Tarokka deck and Barovian Dungeon Master Screen for a creepier aesthetic. 

Want something a little cheaper? There's plenty of merch and accessories at Zavvi. As for items to use in your next game, there are a bunch of dice designs available at Amazon.

Remember, it's possible to get an alternate cover for Candlekeep Mysteries as well. That one's an in-store exclusive, however, so you'll have to brave the great outdoors if you want it for your bookshelf.

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