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Dungeons and Dragons sale saves you 40% on rulebooks this World Book Day

Dungeons and Dragons sale saves you 40% on rulebooks this World Book Day
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Even though World Book Day is usually about celebrating novels (like the best gaming books (opens in new tab), for instance), this Dungeons and Dragons sale isn't letting that get in the way. Amazon and Walmart have knocked a good chunk off the price of many D&D rulebooks, allowing you to stock up for a whole let less than normal. Besides a reduction on the official Starter Set that brings it down to just $12.40 (opens in new tab), you can also pick up many of the core rulebooks for a fraction of the price. Because most have had a price cut of at least $15, now's the time to invest if you haven't already. 

In terms of what you should prioritise, we'd recommend everyone grabbing the Player's Handbook before the Dungeons and Dragons sale is over. Alongside the basic rules, it gives details on player classes, races, backgrounds, and more - everything you need to create a character in one of the best tabletop RPGs (opens in new tab) going, basically. As for those who want to run their own game, the Dungeon Master's Guide is essential. It's stuffed with details on how to create new campaigns, quests, factions, and more.

We've listed the best D&D deals for you below.

Dungeons and Dragons sale

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Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set | $12.40 at Walmart (save 38%) (opens in new tab)
This is the perfect introduction to D&D - you'll get everything you need inside the box. UK price: £14.26 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

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Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook | $29.97 at Walmart (save 40%) (opens in new tab)
This is the official D&D rulebook, telling you how to play and create characters. UK price: £26.02 on Amazon (opens in new tab) 

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Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide | $29.04 at Walmart (save 42%) (opens in new tab)
Ever been tempted to run your own D&D games? You'll need this essential book. UK price: £25.34 on Amazon (opens in new tab) 

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Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual | $27.93 on Amazon (save 44%) (opens in new tab)
A companion to the Dungeon Master's Guide packed to the brim with cool creatures. UK price: £26.55 on Amazon (opens in new tab) 

More cheap D&D deals:
Walmart (opens in new tab)| Amazon (opens in new tab)

For those who are new to Dungeons and Dragons, we'd (obviously) recommend the Starter Set. It's genuinely good value and includes everything you need to play right away like dice, pre-generated characters, and a pre-written campaign that'll ease you in nicely. I've been running this one with friends and fellow GamesRadar+ staffers over the last few months, and it's the perfect introduction to what can be a pretty intimidating game. Combine it with our guide on how to start playing D&D (opens in new tab) and you're away.

Meanwhile, the core rulebooks (the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual) are perfect for those who want to take the game further. Considering how much content is stuffed into each one, those low prices bring them dangerously close to a bargain. 

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