Dungeons & Dragons movie casts Chris Pine using a fifth-level spell slot

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The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie has added Chris Pine as its first official party cast member.

The casting decision was revealed by Hollywood Reporter, though we don't have any idea of who Pine will be playing yet. We do know that the film is set to be "an action-fantasy movie with a lot of comedic elements" - as many D&D adventures typically end up becoming, whether the Dungeon Master wants them to or not. Make sure you discuss the intended tone of your campaign during session 0, is all I'm saying.

Since it's based on an entire role-playing game system with years of history rather than one specific story, the Dungeons & Dragons movie could go in all kinds of directions. The majority of D&D products have been set in the world of the Forgotten Realms ever since D&D's fifth edition came out in 2014, so maybe we'll see Chris Pine as a younger version of the great wizard Elminster or a wood elf ranger or something, I dunno.

The latest version of the script was written by Game Night's Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who are also set to direct the film. As far as we know, it doesn't have any connection to the 2000 movie that starred Jeremy Irons as its big mage villain (or that film's two made-for-TV sequels).

The Dungeons & Dragons movie is currently set to hit theaters on May 27, 2022, though with the pandemic's cascading effects on the film industry any given release date is more of a release hope these days.

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