Dungeons & Dragons filming moves to Ireland where this snap of Michelle Rodriguez was taken

An adventurer thwarts the hot jet of fire from a dragon
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Hollywood has arrived in Carrickfergus as production continues on the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie.

The ancient castle – reportedly built way back in 1177 – is the latest backdrop for the movie, although little has been seen thanks to the production's air-tight security measures and numerous privacy screens and tents. Townsfolk report they've seen plenty of trucks moving in and out of the area, however, and one eagle-eyed spectator managed to take this snap of star Michelle Rodriguez in costume at the scene.

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While we suspect the knuckledusters are part of her barbarian get-up, the electric scooter isn't. Well. Probably (thanks, Comic Book).

The D&D movie has been in development since 2015, with Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley now on board to direct – the duo previously helmed action comedy movie Game Night starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. While we know the movie will be based on the popular fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, the rest of the plot details are being kept tightly under wraps, although filming has reportedly already taken place across the UK, including Wells Cathedral and another castle, this time Alnwick, earlier this year.

Regé-Jean Page, best known as the star of Netflix's period romp Bridgerton, recently teased his role in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie. In a recent interview, he revealed that his character is a paladin, from a class of holy knights with divine spellcasting abilities. As we explained at the time, given they're traditionally crusading in the name of good and order, it's safe to say Page is playing one of the good guys. 

"I’ve listened to a couple of Dungeons and Dragons podcasts in my time. I played a ton of [Japanese role-playing games] and basically everything that’s come out of it," he explained. "I played a ton of Diablo as a teenager, so I’m used to the fact that I play a paladin – that’s just what I do, and I know what that means, to a degree. I watched my friends play Baldur’s Gate, so I’m like a second-generation Dungeons and Dragoner."

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