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Drive Angry UK trailer released

Lucky UK movie fans have just been lavished with their very own bad-ass trailer for Nicolas Cage’s Drive Angry 3D.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bad-ass than the US trailer, it does. Showing off Cage’s hardened felon Milton and Amber Heard’s ball-busting waitress Piper, it’s all about the wheels, the guns and the bangs.

It’s also all about William Fichtner’s The Accountant, who looks like just about the coolest villain we’ve had on screen in many a season.

Want plot? Drive Angry 3D follows Cage’s Milton, who busts out of hell in order to avenge the death of his daughter, and save his grandchild from being sacrificed by an evil cult. As you do.

Check out the trailer below…

Drive Angry definitely seems to be continuing Cage’s recent movie high, what with this year’s Bad Lieutenant and Kick-Ass both bringing the goodies. Here’s hoping Angry reaches their heady heights.

Drive Angry 3D opens on 25 February, 2011.