Driv3r: First ever in-game screenshots

Atari have released the first ever proper in-game shots of Driv3r, the first next-gen incarnation of the influential car chase series.

While we've seen plenty of replay-style screenshots in the past, this new batch of images actually show the game proper in action and cover all three of Driv3r's locations: Miami, Nice and Istanbul. The game will look immediately familiar to anyone who's played the series' earlier instalments on PSone, with its bars for health, vehicle damage and felony rating in the top left and the rotating map at the bottom right of the screen.

However, you'll also notice that a weapons icon now appears in the top right, Driv3r being the first game in the series to feature firearms - including pistols, machine guns and (our favourite, so far) grenade launchers.

In addition to these new shots, we also have a near-five minute Driv3r movie on the making of Run the Gauntlet, a live action short inspired by the game, which you can download by clicking on the link below.

Driv3r is due to be released on PS2 and Xbox in June, with a PC version to follow around three months later