Dragon Nest takes flight

Nexon’s free-to-play action MMO Dragon Nest has made the transition from beta phase to actual game phase with a massive content update. There's new central hub city, the level cap has been raised from 24 to 32, and a host of new quests, skills, and locations have been scattered around the world, waiting to be discovered. To celebrate the release, the development team put together a launch trailer to orient new players and introduce everyone to the sprawling city of Saint's Haven.

Dragon Nest is best known for its non-targeting combat system, which brings elements of the shooter genre to the RPG by allowing players to control exactly where they're aiming. It's faster-paced than a traditional MMO, and challenges players to both think and hone their reflexes.

In addition to the new hub Saint's Haven and increased level-cap, the release includes ten new high-level dungeons and six to eight new skills for each character specialization to master. Outside of combat, new vendors will offer unique equipment to players who manage to impress them through the new faction system.

To try Dragon Nest you can sign up for a free account at dragonnest.com. If you've already got a beta account it's ok - you get to keep all the characters, items, and enchantments you've already earned.

Sep 29, 2011