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Dragon Age 2 crafting collectibles guide

Act 2

Potion Recipes

Life Ward Potion Recipe – Reward for completing the Herbalists Gift Shop quest in Act 1

Elixir of Heroism Recipe – On a corpse in Hightown during the Demands of the Qun quest

Rock Armor Potion Recipe – Near Gamlen’s house in Lowtown (at night)

Mighty Offense Potion Recipe – Sundermount, must go through the Sundermount Passage to reach this area.

Potion Ingredients

Elfroot x 2
Spindleweed x 2
Embrium x 4

Elfroot #7 (Sundermount)

Elfroot #8 (The Wounded Coast)

Spindleweed #4 (Lowtown)

Spindleweed #5 (Gallows Dungeon – Dissent quest)

Embrium #2 (The Wounded Coast)

Embrium #3 (The Wounded Coast)

Embrium #4 (Sundermount, travel through the Sundermount caverns to reach the graveyard area)

Embrium #5 (Holding Caves – A Bitter Pill quest)

Rune Designs

Sandal’s Special Rune - Speak to Sandal in Act 2

Rune of Spirit Warding Design – Mage Shop, Gallows

Rune of Nature Warding Design – Smuggler’s Cut, Blackpowder Courtesy quest

Rune of Nature Design – Master Ilen’s Shop, Sundermount

Rune of Spirit Design – Arlan’s Hideaway, Inside Job quest

Rune of Defense Design – The Wounded Coast

Rune of Striking Design – Du Puis Estate, Prime Suspect quest

Torpor’s Barrier Rune – Night Terror’s quest, ask the demon for magic

Rune Ingredients %26ndash;

Lyrium x 3
Silverite x 2
Orichalcum x 4

Lyrium #6 (Cave, Bone Pit – Forbidden Knowledge quest)

Lyrium #7 (Dank Caves, Wounded Coast – Forbidden Knowledge quest)

Lyrium #8 (Bone Pit Mines – Cavern of the Dead quest)

Silverite #5 (Smuggler’s Cut – Blackpowder Courtesy quest)

Silverite #6 (Sundermount Caverns)

Orichalcum #2 (Sundermount Caverns)

Orichalcum #3 (Sundermount Caverns)

Orichalcum #4 (Varterral Hunting Ground, Sundermount – Mirror Image quest)

Orichalcum #5 (The Killer’s Lair, Lowtown – All That Remains quest)

Poison %26amp; Grenade Formulas

Arcane Poison Formula – Elven Fanatic corpse, Blackwater Courtesy quest

Mythal’s Favor Formula – Wounded Coast

Poison %26amp; Grenade Ingredients

Deep Mushroom x 3
Deathroot x 2
Glitterdust x 4

Deep Mushroom #6 (Gallows Dungeon – Dissent quest)

Deep Mushroom #7 (Smuggler’s Cut – Blackpowder Courtesy quest)

Deep Mushroom #8 (Varterral Hunting Ground, Sundermount – Mirror Image quest)

Deathroot #4 (Darktown)

Deathroot #5 (The Bone Pit)

Glitterdust #2 (Varterral Hunting Ground, Sundermount – Mirror Image quest)

Glitterdust #3 (Sundermount)

Glitterdust #4 (The Bone Pit)

Glitterdust #5 (Holding Caves – A Bitter Pill quest)