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Dragon Age 2 crafting collectibles guide

Act 1

Potion Recipes

Restoration Potion Recipe – Formari Herbalist, Gallows

Elfroot Potion – Gift from Lady Elegant, Lowtown

Elixer of Purity Recipe – The Black Emporium (DLC only)

Potion Ingredients

Elfroot x 6
Spindleweed x 3
Embrium x 1

Elfroot #1 (Sundermount)

Elfroot #2 (Sundermount)

Elfroot #3 (Sundermount Ambush Point – The Way It Should Be quest)

Elfroot #4 (The Bone Pit)

Elfroot #5 (The Wounded Coast)

Elfroot #6 (The Wounded Coast)

Spindleweed #1 (Lowtown)

Spindleweed #2 (The Wounded Coast)

Spindleweed #3 (Slaver Caverns – Wayward Son Quest)

Embrium #1 (Dead Man’s Pass – Blackpowder Promise Quest)

Rune Designs

Rune of Fire Warding Design – Wounded Coast

Rune of Lightning Warding Design – Mage Goods, Gallows

Rune of Frost Warding Design – Sanctuary, Enemies Among Us quest

Rune of Fire Design – Dark Foundry, First Sacrifice quest

Rune of Frost Design – Lirene’s Ferelden Imports, Lowtown

Rune of Lightning Design – Sundermount

Rune of Impact Design – Wilmod’s Camp, Enemies Among Us quest

Rune of Protection Design – Worthy’s Shop, Hightown

Rune of Fortune Design – The Black Emporium (DLC only)

Rune Ingredients

Lyrium x 5
Silverite x 4
Orichalcum x 1

Lyrium #1 (Bone Pit Mines – The Bone Pit quest)

Lyrium #2 (Runaway’s Cavern – Act of Mercy quest)

Lyrium #3 (Tal Vashoth Cavern - Blackpowder Promise quest)

Lyrium #4 (Deep Roads)

Lyrium #5 (Deep Roads)

Silverite #1 (Vimmark Mountain Pass – Shepherding Wolves quest)

Silverite #2 (Tal Vashoth Caverns – Blackpowder Promise quest)

Silverite #3 (Sundermount Caverns – Long Way Home quest)

Silverite #4 (The Deep Roads)

Orichalcum #1 (Primeval Ruins – Deep Roads Exhibition Quest)

Poison %26amp; Grenade Formulas

Debilitating Poison Formula – Gift from Tomwise, Darktown

Tar Bomb Formula – Shady Merchandise Shop, Docks

Deathroot Toxin Formula – Shady Merchandise Shop, Docks

Combustion Grenade Formula – Tal Vashoth Cavern (leader’s corpse, Blackpowder Courtesy quest)

Crow Venom Formula – The Black Emporium (DLC only)

Poison %26amp; Grenade Ingredients %26ndash;

Deep Mushroom x 5
Deathroot x 3
Glitterdust x 1

Deep Mushroom #1 (Sundermount)

Deep Mushroom #2 (Bone Pit Mines – The Bone Pit quest)

Deep Mushroom #3 (Slaver Caverns - Wayward Son quest)

Deep Mushroom #4 (Deep Roads)

Deep Mushroom #5 (Deep Roads)

Deathroot # 1 (Darktown)

Deathroot #2 (Sanctuary)

Deathroot #3 (Disused Passage – Docks)

Glitterdust #1 (The Wounded Coast)