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Dragon Age 2 crafting collectibles guide

Act 3

Potion Ingredients

Elfroot x 1
Spindleweed x 1
Embrium x 1
Ambrosia x 1

Elfroot #9 (The Wounded Coast)

Spindleweed #6 (Lowtown)

Embrium #6 (The Wounded Coast)

Ambrosia #1 (Castillon’s Landing – No Rest for the Wicked quest)

Rune Designs

Rune of Valiance Design – Sundermount

Rune of Devastation Design – Sewer Passage, Darktown, On the Loose quest

Primeval Lyrium Rune – Made by Sandal after the haunted quest if you do not give shard to Varric

Rune Ingredients

Lyrium x 1
Orichalcum x 1
Dragon’s Blood x 1

Lyrium #9 (Sundermount Caverns – A New Path quest)

Orichalcum #6 (Sundermount Passage – A New Path quest)

Dragon’s Blood (High Dragon loot, Bone Pit – Mine Massacre quest)

Poison %26amp; Grenade Formulas

Fell Poison Formula – Huon’s corpse, Lowtown, On The Loose quest

Fell Grenade – The Wounded Coast

Poison %26amp; Grenade Ingredients

Deep Mushroom x 1
Deathroot x 1
Glitterdust x 1
Felandaris x 1

Deep Mushroom #9 (Drakestone Mines – Justice quest)

Deathroot #6 (Darktown)

Glitterdust #6 (Sundermount)

Felandaris (Pride’s End – A New Path quest)

March 23, 2011