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Dragon Age 2 crafting collectibles guide

Bioware doesn’t mess around when it comes to collectibles. Even if the world of Dragon Age 2 feels smaller than that of its prequel, there’s still plenty of stuff to find, ensuring you’ll be wandering the wilderness long into the night.Thank the Maker for shimmering loot.

In Dragon Age 2 there are three different kinds of items to craft: potions, runes, and poisons/grenades. In order to make these items, you’ll need to track down the proper ingredients/resources. Once you find a resource, it can be used by crafters an infinite number of times. However, some recipes call for multiple varieties of an ingredient, so you’ll still have to find several of each Elfroot, Deep Mushroom, etc.Yeah we know, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you’ll just have to accept the system if you want your achievements/trophies.

Most of these collectibles are only available in certain acts, and some only during certain quests, so make sure to collect everything you can before progressing. Refer to the mini map in the corner of each screen for further help.

Potion Ingredients (Total count over all three acts)

Elfroot x 9
Spindleweed x 6
Embrium x 6
Ambrosia x 1

Rune Ingredients (Total count over all three acts)

Lyrium x 9
Silverite x 6
Orichalcum x 6
Dragon’s Blood x 1

Poison and Grenade Ingredients (Total count over all three acts)

Deep Mushroom x 9
Deathroot x 6
Glitterdust x 6
Felandaris x 1

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