Doom 3: Latest Xbox shots

Activision have released a pair of new shots of the Xbox version of Doom 3 - the game that promises to be one of the most terrifying console shooters ever.

Speaking at the recent Activate press event in Barcelona, Todd Hollenshead - CEO of Doom developers id Software - mentioned that, visually, everything that's in the PC version of the game is also in the Xbox incarnation and that the idea behind the title is for it to be an "interactive horror movie".

Indeed, based on what we've seen of it thus far, it contains some of the most gruesome game scenes ever, not least the section in the early Alpha Labs level in which a lardy zombie gets crucified on a ceiling.

Hollenshead also confirmed the four-player modes that will be available in the Xbox version via system link and Xbox Live: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing and One-on-One Tournament. These are in addition to the previously announced Xbox-exclusive Director's Cut, a shortened version of the single-player game for two-player cooperative play.

Finally, Hollenshead revealed that id have already started licensing the Doom 3 engine to other developers although, besides Quake IV, he wouldn't say what other games it'll be used for. For more on Doom 3, keep an eye out for a new trailer that is being released in the next few days.

A release date for the Xbox version of Doom 3 has yet to be announced. The PC version will hit shelves on 13 August