Dontnod's Tell Me Why is free to keep on Xbox and PC this month

Tell Me Why
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All three chapters of Dontnod Entertainment's Tell Me Why are totally free on PC and Xbox this month.

Microsoft announced the giveaway as part of its plans for Pride Month. Tell Me Why will be free on the Windows Store, Steam, and Xbox consoles (where it was previously available via Xbox Game Pass) until the end of June. 

As our friends at PC Gamer spotted, the Windows Store listing for the game was quietly updated with a 100% discount earlier today, but Tell Me Why listings across all storefronts and platforms are now offering the freebie. Note that the product description for the game's Windows Store listing incorrectly says that only the first chapter is free, which is probably a leftover from when chapter one became free on all platforms earlier this year. We can confirm that the whole game is indeed up for grabs, and it's for keeps. 

Tell Me Why stars trans protagonist Tyler Ronan, who's become one of the best-known LGBT leads in games, making it a natural fit for Pride Month. As Stacey Henley said in our Tell Me Why review, Tyler is "quite simply, the new gold standard for trans characters in video games. It’s not just that he exists as a trans man leading a major video game, but the confidence with which he is portrayed. The game doesn't shy away from the word 'transgender', nor does it use it melodramatically. Tyler makes references to being on testosterone, and while everyone reacts differently to seeing Tyler for the first time, all seem realistic and none seem mean-spirited or use transphobia to raise the stakes."

Altogether, we found Tell Me Why to be one of Dontnod's best and most impactful stories yet, so it's great to see more opportunities for people to play the whole thing. It was nice to see the first chapter given out on all platforms, but chapter one, in particular, leaves a lot of things unanswered to set up future episodes. With this giveaway, everyone can get the three-part experience in one go.

Last year, Dontnod gave us a deep-dive on how memory, perspective, and its collaboration with GLAAD shaped the making and story of Tell Me Why.

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