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The first chapter of Dontnod's beautiful Tell Me Why is free on PC and Xbox One

Tell Me Why
(Image credit: Dontnod Entertainment)

The first chapter of the excellent choice-based narrative adventure Tell Me Why is available for free on PC via Steam and Xbox One, studio Dontnod has announced.

Tell Me Why is a three-part experience from Vampyr and Life is Strange studio Dontnod, as well as a recipient of the coveted GamesRadar+ 5/5 review score. Similar graphically and in tone to Life is Strange, Tell Me Why drew praise for its compelling story, charming world, and strong lead protagonist in Tyler Ronan, the first transgender playable character in a game from a major studio.

"Tell Me Why has reinvented the choice based adventure game as something more subtle and character driven, and leads the way as Xbox moves from big exclusives to a steady stream of GamePass gems. In Tyler Ronan, they've given us a character for the ages," reads GamesRadar's glowing Tell Me Why review

If you do decide to check out Tell Me Why while this deal's hot, there's a darn good chance you'll want to continue with the next two chapters of the game. And thankfully, the complete bundle is available on Steam and the Microsoft Store for $10, half its normal price, until March 12 (which is two days from now, I'll remind you).

Dontnod has been on a tear as of late, with Life is Strange 2 releasing in 2019, followed by Tell Me Why and Twin Mirror in 2020. No word on the studio's next project, but we know it had six games in development as of last November.

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