Does Star Trek have its Spock?

It’s not often we report flat out rumours here at TF Towers, but this one, which originated with the boys at CHUD is mere nanometres from being confirmed.

Rumours broke at the CHUD site a while ago that Zachary Quinto, best known for playing the scalp-slicing, superpowered villain Sylar in Heroes, would be taking an altogether more heroic role for director JJ Abrams in the new Star Trek film. And now E! Online is reporting that his deal has all but closed at Paramount and that Abrams will announce he’s found his Mr Spock.

Abrams is presenting Star Trek at Comic Con this coming weekend, and your trustworthy TF reporter will be there to blog the whole thing. So we’ll be sure to report on all the casting announcements. But if he does sign on, it’s certainly an interesting choice for the green-blooded, half-human Vulcan science type, a role originated by Leonard Nimoy in the series and first six movies. Let’s hope Captain Kirk’s head survives the mission intact…

Source: ( CHUD )

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