Doctor Strange's D&D-esque adventure adds a fire breathing dragon to its dungeon

Doctor Strange #14
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Doctor Strange and his latest team of Secret Defenders (or should we call them "party" of Secret Defenders) are currently trapped in a magical, Jumanji-esque RPG manual that has manifested its fantasy land in New York City, all under the control of Strange's archenemy Baron Mordo.

In the second session of their all-too-real game, Mordo conjures up a full-on fire breathing dragon to take on Strange and his companions Black Cat, Hunter's Moon, and Taskmaster, aiming for, in his own words, the dreaded "total party kill."

But as you'll see in some brand new preview pages by writer Jed MacKay, artist Pasqual Ferry, color artist Heather Moore, and letterer Cory Petit, Taskmaster in particular gets in his own roasts (of the non-fire breathing kind), even offering to switch sides and fight for Mordo, if he can pay better than strange.

See just how well that goes for ol' Tasky in those fresh, hot preview pages from Doctor Strange #14 right here, along with the cover by Alex Ross:

"A living game has taken root in Manhattan, transforming parts of the city into a dark fantasy world. Doctor Strange and his Secret Defenders have managed to insert themselves into the narrative, but they're not alone…" reads Marvel's official description of Doctor Strange #14. "Can Strange and company learn the rules and rescue those trapped within, or is it back to the Dark Ages for the Big Apple?"

The first chapter of Doctor Strange and pals playing Cobolorum - the evil D&D inspired magical game in the story - was an absolute blast, with Pasqual Ferry and Heather Moore nailing the classic fantasy art meets modern superhero vibes, and Jed MacKay delivering some extremely most fun characterization, especially for Taskmaster.

Doctor Strange #14 is shaping up to look just as fun (and funny) when it arrives on April 3.

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