Dobby dropped from Potter?

Honestly, an Elf can’t catch a break. When you’re shifting a tale from page to screen, there are often one or two casualties that don’t make the cut – as Toby Jones, voice of Harry Potter’s Elf chum Dobby has found out.

“I know that the filmmakers have a problem with each new film because the books are getting longer — there's so much to include in them,” Jones told MTV recently.

Dobby made debut in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, as Harry’s house Elf. If you flip through JK Rowling’s Order Of The Phoenix, you’ll notice that the Dobster plays a key part in getting our Harry through his latest adventure.

With the wrinkly-faced Dobby given the elbow, Elf fans (?) will be able to get their fix via Sirius Black’s Elvin pal Kreacher, who makes his debut in the next sorcery-laden instalment, set to arrive in cinemas on 13 July 2007.