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Xbox One gets The Division's first two paid expansions early, rest are simultaneous

Xbox One's 30-day head start (opens in new tab) on new stuff for The Division (opens in new tab) will only apply to its first two paid expansions, Ubisoft (opens in new tab) revealed today. Players on Microsoft's console will get early access to both the Underground and Survival expansions.

Underground, the first expansion, will take players deep into New York's subways and sewers on the hunt for dangerous targets, and over the summer Survival will add a new environment where players must scavenge to stay alive. The Last Stand, which is the final piece of The Division's Season Pass (opens in new tab), is planned to hit all platforms simultaneously next winter.

This also confirms that PC and PS4 players won't need to wait an extra 30 days to get access to The Division's free updates (opens in new tab) and other events. The updates will add a host of new features like group loot trading as well as tough end-game challenges like Incursions, so that's good news for everyone playing outside of Xbox.

The Division's servers are live now, but players in the US won't be able to join in until midnight EST / 9 pm PST (unless you got a disc early).

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Connor Sheridan
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