The Division DLC will get a 30-day head start on Xbox One

The Division's downloadable content will hit Xbox One 30 days before PS4, according to GameStop. The news comes via a new promotional video in which several GameStop employees talk about their experiences with the game, and about the benefits of buying it for Microsoft's system.

This shouldn't be a surprise if you've been following The Division's development. Ubisoft and Microsoft already announced that Xbox One players would get new content first - including a day of early access to the open beta this week - but now we know exactly how far ahead of the curve they'll be.

The video states that "content on Xbox One will be delivered 30 days before Sony will see it," which will at least apply to the three paid DLC expansions. It's less clear if that also refers to the "monthly perks" which season pass owners will receive, and to the new game modes which will be distributed for free to all players. If it's true across the board, that could mean some significant end-game delays for PS4 players. Though they did get a decent portion of Destiny stuff a full year before Xbox players, so fair's fair, I guess.

The Division will come out on March 8, so at least everyone can start playing at the same time.

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