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The Division glitch lets you dual wield a riot shield and machine gun (that's bad)

The Division (opens in new tab) has a bit of a shield problem right now. Normally you have to use your dinky little sidearm when you have the Ballistic Shield skill active, since your agent has to dedicate one of their arms to holding the telescoping bulletproof gadget. But an easily exploitable glitch lets you go buck wild with your long gun or SMG of choice while remaining safe behind your shield.

To duplicate the glitch, you'll need the Ballistic Shield (duh) and Seeker Mine skills equipped. If you don't have them unlocked yet, check out our The Division leveling guide (opens in new tab) for some tips on how to make progress fast.

Reddit (opens in new tab) user ExtendedCelery, which is an A+ user name, documented the glitch in the above video. Ballistic shields don't make you invincible, but they're clearly not meant to be combined with the firepower of a non-sidearm weapon. Hopefully Ubisoft takes notice and fixes this up before the Dark Zone becomes a paranoid realm of shield-and-sniper-rifle toting maniacs.

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Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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