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Break out of The Division's playable area and go for a walk in Central Park

The Division (opens in new tab)'s playable area is currently limited to a block of midtown Manhattan, but if you know the right tricks, you can get all the way up to Central Park. Before you get your hopes up too much, it's not like Ubisoft hid all the coolest stuff up there and is just blocking it off to all but the most intrepid players: everything past the Hell's Kitchen fence appears to be in varying states of "unfinished".

If you're the type of player who breaks out of boundaries and explores the glitchy backdrop of games for its own sake, you'll want to try out the instructions in this video from Reddit user Chaz630 (opens in new tab).

Careful you don't get warped back to the safehouse while you're checking out Central Park. If you're not quite ready to painstakingly recreate all those wall glitches yourself, one of the players accompanying Chaz630 on the journey posted (opens in new tab) this shot of what it looks like in its current incarnation. No mass grave for diseased New Yorkers here, just a bunch of floating trees.

And Reddit user Orut-9 (opens in new tab) posted this screen of a very detailed USS Intrepid from outside the "playable" area (clearly that moniker is somewhat inaccurate at this point). If you're not familiar, the Intrepid is an aircraft carrier that first served in World War 2, and is now permanently docked on the west side of Manhattan as part of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Hopefully The Division's post-release update plans (opens in new tab) include more of these iconic locations, whether as free content drops or as paid DLC.

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