The Division beta is first on Xbox One, coming December, still moody

Tom Clancy's The Division has been in development for an age, but we'll finally get a taste of it via the Xbox One exclusive Beta, which is launching this December. The early access was confirmed at the Microsoft press conference this evening.

The full game is due to release in March 2016. During the Beta reveal, we got a glimpse at the latest trailer, and it's looking pretty serious. Members of The Division, a disaster response unit, are trying to maintain control in a virus-wracked version of New York (which, bizarrely, still seems to be using precious electricity to keep the advertising billboards running. Hmm...).

No word on whether the Beta is only coming to Xbox One, or for long it's going to run. Interestingly, it was described as “first” on Xbox, so it's sensible to assume that PS4 and PC players will get access a little later in the year. Or maybe January 2016.

The Clancy franchise has always been cosy with Xbox, with Splinter Cell Conviction an exclusive on 360. Ubi also confirmed that Rainbow Six Vegas 1+2 are coming bundled with the XO version of Rainbow Six Siege.

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Andy Hartup