Disney's 'Reboot Ralph,' a videogame-centric animated film, coming in 2013

Ever hear of a movie called ‘Joe Jump?’ It was a Disney flick about a washed-up videogame character, but it never quite... happened. But, like our yet erstwhile protagonist, Disney hasn’t given up on him yet.

How'd we miss this? According to the LA Times (opens in new tab), Joe Jump has been renamed ‘Reboot Ralph.’ Further inspection revealed that the animated film will be hitting theaters on March 22nd, 2013 (apparently this was announced back in May (opens in new tab)).

Despite the impressive declaration of a release date so far in advance (or maybe we’re just jaded by the ‘when it’s done’ attitude of the gaming industry), very little is known about the title – particularly who’s staring. That said, if the original idea for Joe Jump is anything to go by, ‘Reboot Ralph’ will be an old has-been videogame character trying to worm his way into a new title. We do know it'll be released in Disney Digital 3-D.

Above: The original Reboot Ralph?

What’s unique about this project is that it’s not strictly a ‘videogame movie’ in that it won’t be aping anything specific. Were these the 80’s, we’d dismiss the project as hackneyed and generic - and accuse Hollywood of trying to create a relevant work about something it didn’t understand (as it has inthe past (opens in new tab)). But perhaps the time is finally right.

Oh, and there's no indication that Pixar is working on the title (it's Disney Animation Studios, which, granted, is controlled by Lasseter), so don't get your hopes up too high.

Nov 23, 2010

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