The Disney games you forgot existed

Today, they’re ephemeral by nature, seemingly designed with an expiration date only as far off as the coinciding property’s DVD release date.

Above: If you think we’ll ever recollect this way on Ice Age and Open Season, you’re far too cynical, Mister

Disney games, however, make for a far more fascinating retrospective. Good or bad, these are titles featuring the most beloved characters of all time, and their popularity spans across multiple mediums, cultures and generations! Whether you want to admit it or not, you - yes, you! - share some history with them.

Above:Clickto enter Wallpaper City!

Hell, you’ve probably even loved them at some point, which makes these games all the more bizarre. After all, check out any auction site and you’ll find no shortage of sweaty Disneyana fans tripping over themselves to own any and all memorabilia loosely affixed to these animated icons… all except for these poorly aged artifacts we’ve seen fit to flush into obscurity. Hey, they can’t all be DuckTales and Kingdom Hearts!

You know the ones. Those films that get rereleased every decade and are received just as warmly as the day they premiered in theaters. Although, we did have to exclude Winnie the Pooh from all categories, since he’s starred in more “games” than Sonic and Mario combined.


Yet another Virgin Interactive title exquisitely put in motion by the Disney Feature animators. Seriously, look at that damn title screen!

Virgin found huge success with Aladdin on Genesis, but by the time it snagged the Disney license away from Capcom and began utilizing it, well… most of us were busy investing in the PlayStation generation.

Above: Gameplay adhered to the events of the film, if that means anything to you

Pinocchio’s got numerous game types: platforming, a dance minigame in Stromboli’s stage, and what would a post-Donkey Kong Country sidescroller be without a mine cart level?! Hell, you could even play as your conscience! Of course, it doesn’t hold up that well, mostly due to Pinocchio’s complete lack of offensive abilities. Even Mickey got to throw marbles, dammit!

Jungle Book

Above: At the end of each level, Baloo would threaten to leave and start his own cargo business

Your goal was to guide Man Cub Mowgli back to his village while collecting gems, swinging on vines and showing a complete lack of respect for the work of Rudyard Kipling. Actually, that distinction belongs to the next game:

Jungle Book Rhythm n’ Groove

This is exactly what it looks like: Bust-A-Groove for babies, and the less said about it the better. However, we would be remiss in our Games Journalization if we didn’t show you the exclusive unlockable video: Mambo #5’s Lou Bega doing an incredibly dignified cover of King Louie’s “I Wanna Be Like You”!


Above: “If only I’d finished that 6th Mambo”