Discover what The Last of Us is doing when you're not looking

The Last of Us is a beautiful, meticulously-crafted piece of interactive entertainment. Not a single object, camera angle, or NPC feels out of place or unfinished. At least that's what developer Naughty Dog wants you to think. But what happens when the camera can fly around the world freely and see things you're not supposed to see? Madness! Motion-capture! Monkeys!

It's all laid out for you to enjoy in this episode of "Boundary Break." Enjoy:

Y'know, I always wondered where those giraffes went. And now I know: straight into a building, where they walked in place for the rest of eternity.

But much like the MLB The Show 17 glitch I shared with you earlier today, this is just more evidence that games are constantly pulling all manner of visual tricks to deceive you. Your train ride in Fallout, for example, is just a funky helmet. When those tricks are pulled off, you get an immersive, memorable experience. When the glue holding those tricks together breaks though, you get spider-Ellie.

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Sam Prell

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