Let's just look at this MLB The Show 17 glitch and OH SWEET MERCIFUL GOD

The world of video game development can be a tumultuous place, even when working on the umpteenth entry in a long-running series. Such is the tale of MLB The Show 17, which had a rather unfortunate glitch shared with the world this week.

Y'know, I'm not sure "rather unfortunate" is quite the right wording here… I think "oh dear god, this looks like practical effects work from a David Cronenberg film and now I'm going to burn my internet" is more appropriate. Take a look:

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The bug has since been fixed, but it just goes to show that our video games are not the perfectly-coded pieces of tech we often imagine them to be. Plenty are held together with little more than hopeful thoughts and Scotch tape. Not that that makes them any less fun or the devs any less deserving of your respect, mind you.

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Sam Prell

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