Disco Elysium teaser suggests an announcement is coming "soon"

Disco Elysium
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Disco Elysium developer ZA/UM appears to be teasing an upcoming announcement will be coming "soon". 

If you go over to the website for Disco Elysium right now, you're greeted with a big red page that simply reads "soon", along with a symbol that features in the game. Interestingly, the symbol featured with the star-and-antlers is used for the Antecentennial Revolution. As our good friends over at PCGamer point out, this could suggest that some sort of prequel is in the works given the symbol's ties to events that took place before the start of the game. 

Still, there's also the very likely possibility that we could see an official announcement and release date for Disco Elysium on consoles. As we previously reported, a Switch port has seemingly been in development for some time now. The game's art director Aleksander Rostov spoke about working on design documents for the "user interface and input systems for the Switch port" back in April. 

To add even more credence to the possibility of seeing a console announcement, in November, writer and designer Robert Kurvitz told USgamer that ZA/UM plans to "port the game to consoles so you can play on your PlayStation and Xbox." Kurvitz also revealed it plays "really, really nice on a controller". We have no way of knowing if this includes Xbox Series X and PS5 ports, but we could very well find out soon. The unique detective RPG is also set to get a TV series adaptation from Sonic the Hedgehog producer, Dmitri M. Johnson.

With The Game Awards happening tomorrow on December 10, we expect to see a whole string of announcements for current and upcoming games, and it looks like we may very well see something Disco Elysium-shaped.

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