Director Peter Hedges finds Everything Changes

Tobey Maguire is turning into quite the little producer. Yeah, it sounds like something his granny would say, but it’s true – he’s got himself a stack of projects, several of which he plans to star in. Which is, after all, why actors tend to start producing.

The latest script to fall into his in tray is an adaptation of Jonathan Tropper’s novel Everything Changes, which finds a man about to marry his dream girl who faces a life crisis upon realising that he has feeling for his recently deceased friend’s wife and the return into his life of his estranged, lady-chasing father.

Peter Hedges – whose film Dan In Real Life is about to open in the US- was originally hired just to adapt the book, but will now direct it, with Maguire considering starring. We guess he’ll be watching the box office returns of Dan In Real Life pretty closely this weekend…