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    Submitted by Alvin C WebCraft
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    Submitted by Brett "Nemesis" Franklin

Dino Crisis Cheats

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Nate

    All DDK Codes

    1=Enter "HEAD" to open the Chief's Room door.

    2=Back to Main Entrance. To unlock this door enter "NEWCOMER".

    3=In B1 Hall, input "LABORATORY" to unlock the door.

    4=Back to Computer room, insert your Key Card in the key card device. Regina will call Gail for help. After that, you have to use your DDK Disc and enter "ENERGY".

    5=In Rest Station room, enter WATERWAY to unlock the door.

    6=In the room were you enter the B2 chips 1 and 2, there is a DDK door. Unlock this door by entering "STABILIZER".

    7=In the Parts Storage room there is also a door. Enter DOCTORKIRK to unlock this door.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by DirT

    New Mode

    Finishing the game in under 5 hours will get you Wipeout modeQ

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by DirT

    New Outfits

    Finishing the game will result in 2 new costumes and finishing the game 3 times will result in another.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Evan The Dino Master

    Evasion Tips

    When approaching a hostile dino (one that is not tranquilized nor killed) NEVER use ammo as your first resort. Try to evade them. To do this (this is a tip, not a code), you must try to pass their backside, not their front. After playing this game five times through, I found that the dinos use their bite attack much more then their tail whip attack. So, even if they do use their tail attack, your much better of taking the minimum damage from their tail rather then taking the large amount of damage from their jaws. If you do for some strange reason have to shoot them, don't use ammo first. Use tranquilizers. They allow for no reloading time and they make an instant dino knockout. If your out of tranquilizers (getting down to the nittey grittey here) then use your ammo. But don't use just any ammo. Use SG bullets, they knock the dino down better then any other ammo type (the slag bullets are stronger but don't knock the dino down as fast). Once the dino is knocked down,!
    run past him before he gets up so you can get past him and not waste tons of ammo! Those are three good ways to not use up your ammo alot. However, the one about using SG bullets only works on raptors and new raptors (the colorful dudes), not on the therizinos (the ones with the huge claws that tried to sqush you with that truck thing. They just don't fall down!). If its a therizino that your that your trying to get past, then I found it best to use tranquilizers or to just run around them. when there about to claw you, run to the side and they'll miss you, then when they're recovering form their attack, you have time you get ahead of them.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by DirT

    Get Grenade Gun

    Finish the game 3 times and see all endings to get the grenaade gun at the start of the next game

  • PC | Submitted by derik odindile

    play as raptor

    play as a raptor press enter and type raptor rise then enter

  • PC | Submitted by derik odindile

    Play as Alien from Alien Trilogy

    press enter and type alien crisis and enter and u should be an alien.

  • PC | Submitted by derik odindile

    Play as Regina

    press enter and type regi 2000 and press enter

  • PC | Submitted by derik odindile

    Play as Gail or Rick

    gail press enter and type gail 1 and enter
    rick press enter and type rick 2 and enter

Dino Crisis Unlockables

  • PC | Submitted by Tijmen (Muis)

    peration Wipe Out mode

    Succesfully complete the game with a time under 5:00:00

  • PC | Submitted by Tijmen (Muis)

    Unlimited grenade gun ammo

    Succesfully complete the game three times. The grenade gun with unlimited ammunition will be available at the start of the next game.

  • PC | Submitted by Tijmen (Muis)

    Alternate Costumes

    Succesfully complete the game to unlock the army and battle costumes for Regina. Succesfully complete the game a second time to unlock the ancient (caveman) costume.