Did you spot this Luke Cage character cameo in Iron Fist?

By now, many of you have probably binge-watched the entire first season of Marvel’s newest Netflix series, Iron Fist. But did you remember that one of the show’s supporting characters actually first popped up in an episode of Luke Cage?

As you may have read in our detailed breakdown of cameos, references, and easter eggs in Iron Fist, you can see that Darryl, Colleen Wing’s student in Iron Fist, was originally introduced back in episode 10 of Luke Cage as one of the kids who got arrested. Take a look at this Luke Cage screenshot:

Yup, that's totally Darryl. We never found out what happened to him in Luke Cage, but Iron Fist sets him up to become a bigger player moving forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or at least the Netflix side of the MCU).

Spoilers ahead for Iron Fist, so if you haven’t finished binging yet, turn back now.

Darryl is corrupted by the Hand (the ninja clan that first appeared in Daredevil) before Colleen can help him, and the boy sustains injuries in Iron Fist’s tenth episode. Bakuto tells him he’s the “future” of the organization, and commands his people to patch up Darryl’s injuries. That’s the last we see of the character in the season, but with a set-up as big as that one, it’s only a matter of time until we see him again. We might even see him later this year in The Defenders, which will center on the Netflix’s street-level Marvel heroes - Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist - teaming up for the first time. We’ll keep you posted with more as soon as it becomes available.

Images: Marvel/Netflix

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