Did EA just spill the tea on a return to Steam?

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It's only nine seconds long, but EA's latest Twitter video has caused something of a stir… and I don't just mean the hot drink itself. 

Though it lacks music, sound, or even words of any kind, the simple footage of an EA-branded mug steaming on a window sill has sent PC players in a frenzy as the wordless tweet adds some credence to recent rumours that EA might be planning to bring at least some of its catalogue back to Valve's PC client, Steam. Here, take a peek yourself:

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Are we clutching at straws? Maybe. But it's certainly an odd video to share, and comes only a few days after a Twitter user posted a screencap that signalled a change to Steam's app config that intimates players might soon be able to run EA games via Steam, albeit with the proviso that you'll still need to launch EA's games in its own proprietary launcher, Origin.

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EA and Steam went their separate ways several years back when Electronic Arts launched its own PC client, Origin. As the rest of the industry softens and opens up with cross-play, could this be evidence that EA and Valve, too, are partnering up again? Will we see a limited number of older games make the jump to Steam, such as the Mass Effect series, or could even newer – or upcoming – EA games debut on Valve's PC client?

In other Steam news, Heather recently reported dates have been leaked showing when Steam sales will be going live over the next few months. SteamDatabase posted the three dates on Twitter, revealing three dates of upcoming seasonal sales including Halloween, Autumn, and Winter. According to the leak, the first Halloween sale will take place between October 28 - November 1, followed by the Autumn sale running from November 26 - December 3, and finally the Winter sale which will kick off on December 19 - January 2. 

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