DICE explains Star Wars Battlefronts lack of space battles

Thanks to a number of overly-dedicated Bothans we now know Star Wars: Battlefront will be arriving this November, but with the power of a new generation of consoles bringing the struggle between the Empire and the Rebellion to life, why did developer DICE choose to leave out those iconic space battles?

In the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, executive producer Patrick Bach reveals the Swedish studio wants to keep the focus on Battlefront's planetary skirmishes. "We want players to stay in the same [environment] - we don't want players to fly off and do something over here. It's about the Battlefront experience, so we want to keep you in-atmosphere and fighting with the infantry."

With DICE going as far as scanning actual props to give Star Wars: Battlefront an authentic feel, Bach hopes the fans will understand its decision: "We have to start somewhere. You can't do everything at once. We want to build something that's great for what it is, and have a holistic view on what we're trying to achieve, rather than tossing everything in there from the start."

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