Diablo III Demon Hunter build - Inferno guide

Stat Allocation

Increasing your stats is the driving force behind Inferno. Since you no longer level up it’s all about the gear you pick up throughout your travels. Since we are building a very specific kind of character, the stats you will want to focus on are quite important. Below is a list of stats in order of importance that you should focus on. Remember that just because it didn't make the list doesn't mean a stat is useless, just that it shouldn't be the main reason for selecting a piece of gear.

Weapon Damage – This is always the first stat to focus on no matter how you play. The higher the damage on your weapon the better your critical hits will do.

Critical Hit Chance – For our build, this stat must be as high as possible. You want to aim for at least 35 percent chance of criting. Any lower than that and you’re not going to see the kind of damage returns you want. It’s an expensive stat to build towards but when you get there you will see why it is so powerful.

Critical Hit Damage – Slightly less important than your chance to crit is the damage you do per critical. You should aim for this stat to be at 75 percent and anything more than that is icing on the cake.

Dexterity – Your main stat as a Demon Hunter is not only the driving force behind your damage but also the stat used when calculating chance to dodge. You want this stat as high as possible. 1500 Dexterity should be considered a minimum and as you acquire better gear you should seek to increase it way more.

Hatred/Discipline – Gear that increases either of these stats is very useful. Your shots will eat these resources up very quickly, so having extra in the pool can go a long way to staying alive.

Life Regeneration – Kiting is an important part to being a Demon Hunter. Being able to heal yourself while doing this is going to save you a lot of money on repair bills. Even a few percent can ensure your health stays topped up while you run circles around enemies.

When building a specialized character such as this one, it’s very important that you pick the right gear. Below is a list of gear and the stats that you should be looking for within each piece. Remember the Auction House is a great place to find the specialized gear you are looking for.

Weapon – For our build you have to use a Hand Crossbow. A good one will have over 1000 DPS and will come equipped with stats that increase your Dexterity, Critical Hit Damage and Attack Speed. You should also keep an eye out for a weapon that has an open socket. This will allow you to put in an Emerald and further increase your Critical Hit Damage. With the right combination of crossbow and Emerald you can get as much as 90 percent increased Critical Hit Damage, all from one slot.

Offhand – The Demon Hunter can dual wield Hand Crossbows. So for your offhand you want to look for exactly the same thing as your main hand.

Helm – You can find Critical Hit Chance on helms, so it should be the first thing you look for on any one you find. Dexterity is the next thing to look out for. Anything over 100 is good, 150 or higher is even better. Resist All is a common stat here as well so if you can find a piece with 50 or more then you will be better off.

Shoulders – Dexterity is the main stat you will find in this slot. Once again 150 is the magic number. You can also find Resist All, again, here so keep a look out for a piece with 40 or more on it. Finally, finding a piece with 100 or more Life Regeneration is quite useful and can help to keep you alive during those long kiting sessions.

Body – Sockets are a must on this armor. If it has any less than three sockets, it’s likely no good. Those three sockets can be used to insert Emeralds to increase your Dexterity. As for the armor itself you want something with at least 100 base Dexterity. It should also offer some Vitality so you can increase your health a bit. Although tough to find, you can also get nice increases to Hatred and Discipline in this slot as well as finding stats that will decrease the cost of skills such as Impale or Evasive Fire.

Pants – Pants should always have two sockets in them that you can fill with Emeralds. Dexterity of 100 or more should be the main stat you look for. Life Regeneration can be found here again as well as more Resist All so make sure to find armor pieces that include those stats.

Gloves – Gloves are a very important piece for Demon Hunters. Here you can find both increases to Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. You should only consider items that have them both. You want at least a 4 percent increase to your Critical Hit Chance and a minimum of 35 percent increase for Critical Hit Damage. Dexterity is always important so aim for 125 or more in this slot.

Bracers – Bracers are another important piece for our build. Here you can find more increases for your crit chance. Look for an increase of 5 percent to your Critical Hit Chance. Dexterity should be plentiful here as well with at least 150 added to that stat.

Belts – There is not much on belts to consider other than Dexterity. A good belt should offer more than 150 Dexterity and come with some Vitality and Life Regeneration.

Boots – Dexterity is the first stat to look out for. But boots also offer a unique stat that is nearly as important for a Demon Hunter. Look for boots that boost movement speed about 12 percent or more. This is very useful for kiting and getting away from danger and when added to the passive skill Tactical Advantage, you’ll have an increase of 72 percent to movement speed.

Rings and Amulets – Critical Hit Chance is the most important stat these three slots can offer. A good amulet will have 7 percent and the rings should offer at least 4 percent each. Ideally you will also have a combined increase to Critical Hit Damage of 30 percent or higher from these slots as well. Base damage increases can be found in these areas as well and rounding out the stats should be decent increases to Dexterity.