Diablo III Barbarian build - Inferno guide

Stat Allocation

Life –Vitality and the Life percentage stat will increase your maximum health. The red globe should secure at least 45,000 hit points.

Armor - 6,000 armor will prevent 66 percent of damage from incoming attacks. If you accomplish this cap without any defensive passives active, use the passive skills detailed above.

All Resistances – With your war cry active, all resistances should be above 1000. This means you should have about 700 to all resistances just from your gear. Look for this stat on every armor piece to greatly increase your survivability.

Damage – Your overall damage should be at least 15,000. This number is greatly increased by your weapon damage (information on what weapon to choose is provided in the Gear section below). Damage increase can also be found on rings and amulets. Stats such as attack speed, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage will also increase this number.

Strength – This is a direct increase to your damage and armor. A high amount of strength is important. We recommend at least 1250.

Critical Hit Chance – You’ll want at least 30 percent critical hit chance with the Ruthless passive active. This stat will increase the frequency of your Overpower skill. You can find this stat on helms, gloves, bracers, shields, rings, and amulets. This is best paired with critical hit damage.

Attack Speed - You'll want at least 1.9 attacks per second. Attacking quickly is very important to this build. It increases the rate at which you gain life and fury, as well as the chance of critical hits. Note that bonus attack speed on a weapon is already factored into the weapon’s attacks per second. Attack speed can also be found on gloves, rings, and amulets.

Critical Hit Damage – Critical hit damage should be focused after your critical hit chance cap is met. With Ruthless active, you will passively deal 100 percent critical hit damage. You can find more of this stat on weapons, gloves, rings, and amulets.

Life on Hit - This stat will leech life from your opponents each time you attack. This stat works beautifully with Frenzy and a fast attacking one-hander. It is greatly increased from a high-grade amethyst gem applied to your weapon. It can also be found on jewelry. Aim for at least 400 life on hit.

Life Regeneration – Life per second will allow you continuously replenish your health globe in and out of combat. Aim for at least 250.

Intelligence – Although the Barbarian is a melee class, don’t be discouraged by this attribute. Every ten points of intelligence grants one point to all resistances. So if you end up with 500 Intelligence accidently after upgrading you gear, you’ll be gaining 50 to all resistances.


Note: The item descriptions below do not account for legendary or set items that may include stats not found on magic and rare gear slots.

Weapon – A dagger with an 11 percent attack speed bonus is the fastest weapon in the game (1.67 attacks per second). Find one with an open socket. The damage can be as low as 800 and still remain effective. Insert an amethyst for life on hit. High strength and vitality are great accompanying stats to find.

Shield – Equipping a shield will enable a chance to block in combat. If successful, you will prevent damage equal to the block amount on the shield. Shields also provide additional armor. Look for a shield with over 20 percent chance to block, critical hit chance, and all resistances. Strength, vitality, and life percentage are acceptable here too.

Helm – An open socket on your helm is vital. You can add a great life percentage increase by imbuing it with a high-grade amethyst. The helm should also include all resistances, vitality, strength, and/or critical hit chance.

Shoulders – Shoulders do not offer any offensive bonus stat aside from the primary attributes, but they can have chance to freeze, bonus armor, and life percentage. You must first include all resistances, strength, and vitality.

Chest – This armor slot can hold up to three gems. Look for all resistances, strength, and vitality. Search for over 200 vitality on the auction house since the gem bonuses are added to the total. Life regeneration, life percentage, bonus armor, and damage reduction are too available.

Pants – All resistances, vitality, and strength are standard for your leg guards. You can find life regeneration and bonus armor here, and up to two open sockets.

Gloves – Gloves are very important because of their ability to increase critical hit chance, attack speed, and/or critical hit damage. All resistances, strength, and vitality are beloved as always.

Bracers – Reduced damage from melee or ranged attacks are powerful stats found on bracers. By default, you should look for all resistances, strength, vitality, and/or critical hit chance.

Belt – Barbarians have access to Mighty Belts which include unique stats for this armor slot such as life steal, maximum fury, and skill bonuses to Frenzy or Revenge. If you find one that fits the bill, buckle it with pride. However, the important stats still remain: all resistances, strength, and vitality. You also have access to bonus armor, life regeneration, life percentage, and chance to freeze.

Boots –12 percent movement speed can be very useful on the battlefield… if it’s in your budget. All resistances, strength, and vitality are always important as well as life regeneration, bonus armor, and chance to immobilize.

Rings / Amulet – Critical hit chance, attack speed, and/or critical hit damage are most sought after on the jewelry pieces. Look for these in combination with all resistances, strength, and/or vitality. You can also find bonus armor, damage, life on hit, life regeneration, life percentage, and/or an open socket.

The Barbarian’s tale is an inspiring one. As the world continues to change, the duty to protect is never lost. Share your heroic accomplishments below and check back soon for more Inferno content.