Diablo 4's new hotfix sorts out sneaky World Tier hacks

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Another day, another Diablo 4 hotfix. This one, though, fixes a few issues with the World Tiers.

The hotfix has technically launched as of yesterday, June 15, but you won't need to download a new update because it's a hotfix. Now, an issue where locked World Tiers would incorrectly display as unlocked, despite the player not having actually unlocked them, has been finally remedied. For anyone wondering how Diablo 4 World Tiers work it should certainly clear things up.

Additionally, the hotfix has fixed an issue where World Tier 3 and 4 players could invite friends into their party that hadn't yet unlocked the tiers. Now you'll have to grind your way to World Tiers 3 and 4, without any enterprising friends to give you a quick shortcut.

As for class fixes, it's a short list in the new hotfix. An "unintended damage interaction" has been fixed with the Druid's Toxic Claws passive ability which, from the sounds of things, could've had the Druid actually damaging enemies with the passive ability.

As with every new Diablo 4 hotfix, there are some stability and performance improvements to be had here. This might seem like a pretty short patch list, but Diablo 4 global community development director Adam Fletcher recommends tuning into a broadcast from Blizzard later today on June 16 for more news. 

You'll definitely want to keep an eye on this broadcast, even if you've only dabbled in Diablo 4 since launch earlier this month. Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson and other leadership developers are going to be chatting through all the feedback they've received since launch, and very likely outlining future fixes they want to make to the game.

Speaking of the Druid though, you can check out our Diablo 4 Druid build guide for a look at how to take advantage of the class. 

Hirun Cryer

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