Diablo 4's new endgame dungeon isn't winning back fans let down by Season 3: "If you need help sleeping, play this a few times"

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Diablo 4 players aren't impressed with the new endgame dungeon, calling the Gauntlet "pointless" and "uninteresting." 

Last week, Blizzard hosted the February edition of its Campfire Chat livestream, revealing more info about Season 3 of the action-RPG. Here, the team went deeper into discussing The Gauntlet, a new non-linear dungeon designed to challenge players by giving them a fixed amount of time to prove themselves and land a spot on the leaderboard. 

Although this all sounds very exciting, not every player is a fan of the new dungeon now it's out. Over on the Diablo 4 subreddit, several players have voiced their disappointment and frustration with the new mode, calling it "another glorified dungeon," "pointless," and "uninteresting." The post below, for example, has one player asking for other fans' opinions on the new dungeon whilst also telling them that they should play it if they're having trouble falling asleep. 

This then prompted another player to respond explaining that it's "not that bad" but "a bit easy" in their opinion. Several other players have said that they've tried the Gauntlet out once and have already had their fill: "Played it once. I'm done with it," one user said in the replies to the post. 

Man the Gauntlet sure is one of the things they added! from r/diablo4

Another Diablo 4 player has made a post with a suggestion for Blizzard as to how to improve the Gauntlet: "Make Gauntlet profiles public," the post reads. "The gauntlet leaderboard feels pointless with all of the profiles private. It should at least show skills of even private profiles [and] a basic view of the character." Similarly, another user has made a separate post asking players whether they think random dungeons and layouts could be the answer to making the Gauntlet better. 

"So far, a lot of the content creators are upset at Gauntlet for just being the same dungeon over and over, but isn't the point of leaderboards to have a non-RNG ranking system?" the post reads. However, a different user replied to the post and pointed out that "random layouts would suck" as this would then turn the Gauntlet into more of "a game of chance" instead of skill. 

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