Diablo 4 Rogue suffers another wardrobe malfunction, as this time their underwear gets nerfed

Diablo 4 antagonist Lilith
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It's an argument as old as gaming - just how much skin is acceptable to show in a video game? You'd think in a game rated M for Mature, similar to R-rated movies, the answer would be 'quite a lot.' As it turns out, the backlash from a recent Diablo 4 Battle Pass item has seen the developers turning tail on the decision to let players bare ass.

The item in question is a pair of panties that showed up recently as a new look for Rogue characters. These knickers were hella revealing for female Rogues, though Redditor comments made it abundantly clear that the male version of the same underwear is nowhere near as skimpy. Equality. That's the real stickler now, isn't it Blizzard.

"Imo, both male and female variants of a class should have equally skimpy options. There's a female armor that's just a loincloth? Have the dude variant also be just a loincloth so that both sexes can strut that cake at the players' choice," said one commenter on Reddit. "We need equal opportunity ass," another cried.

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Now that Blizard has quietly rolled out a cosmetic change in the latest patch, having made the decision to reconfigure the underwear to be less revealing for female characters, players on the other side of the argument are now up in arms about the censorship issues.

"Post-nerf granny panties", they're being called on the D4Rogue Subreddit, as opposed to the "pre-nerf Victoria's Secret" style number that so many players had fallen in love with.  "Rogue is literally unplayable now", one laments. "This is a 17+ game let the horny bastards have their fun", calls another bums-out keyboard warrior.

Another chimes in with "When are they going to cover up the male nipple on every outfit? I demand every outfit that showcases the male nipple be corrected immediately." Ah, we do love a sarcastic men's rights activist.

Look, we get it. Bums are nice. Conan was a bit of a shock, mind, with its meatswords a-swinging. But when you're playing a game that features Lilith, wife of Lucifer and Queen of the Succubi, a little nudity is to be expected. Make it a one sided objectification, though, and you can bet the true followers of Lilith will give you grounds to reconsider.

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