Diablo 4 players discover you can skip the campaign when you start a hardcore run after finishing on normal

Diablo 4
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Diablo 4 players have discovered that once you've completed the campaign on normal or "softcore" difficulty, you can skip the entire campaign when you boot up in hardcore.

That's according to u/Jsemtady, who popped onto the Diablo 4 subreddit to report that after completing the campaign on normal difficulty, "you can create [a] new character on hardcore and skip the campaign, and have horses from the start… even transmog is for all normal/hardcore. Huge."

Found that u can skip campaign for HC when finish normal campaign huge from r/diablo4

They weren't the only one to think it was a big deal, either.

"Yup, much more fun for HC," added one commenter. "If you die you don't have to do the same campaign over and over, you're free to go level again however you want."

It's not quite perfect, though, as Lyioux attests… "Now, if they can just make altars and renown transfer over. I am not doing that again."

Diablo patch1.0.2d is now live, and it nerfs Barbarian shout again but gives Necromancers a huge buff.

Despite some players crashing out of early runs following glitches and bugs, it looks like hardcore Diablo 4 players will be crossing the line to be one of the first 1000 players to hit level 100 on hardcore mode later today. The highest hardcore, 87, currently sits with Wudijo, whilst five players have already hit the cap on "softcore" difficulty. 

And did you see that this Diablo 4 player has managed to beat the Butcher despite being incredibly underlevelled? The Butcher is a meat-hooking nightmare that turns up at random in dungeons and has killed off many a hardcore run. Here, however, it seemingly became stuck behind a wall of minions who beat the Butcher whilst the player idled quietly at the bottom of the screen. 

We gave Diablo 4 a notable 5 out of 5 stars in the GamesRadar+ Diablo 4 review, calling it "a diabolical assault on the senses". 

"The ARPG has come a long way since Diablo 2 set the bar for the genre, and since Diablo 3 fractured the playerbase, and there's some out there who will undoubtedly feel as if Diablo 4 hasn't gone far enough in its expansion – that its class-balance and endgame could be more distinct, particularly given the strength of contenders like Grim Dawn, Pillars of Exile, and Torchlight 2," Josh wrote. "But the truth is, there's simply nothing quite as entertaining as Diablo 4 when it's firing on all cylinders."

Diablo 4 will be available to all players on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S on June 6.

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