Diablo 4 mount speed is the one community debate that won't go away

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Do Diablo 4 mounts move quicker on PC than they do on console? It’s the talk of Sanctuary in some sections of the internet.

The latest chatter over the speed of Diablo 4 horses has been sparked by one player taking to one of Diablo’s subreddits to ask the same question. 

“My friend is on PC and his horse is way faster than mine, apparently it's because if you hold the cursor farther from your horse, it goes faster,” they said. “Cool. How am I supposed to do that on a controller? Either way, it's a pretty stupid mechanic [in my opinion].”

Some suggested that the speed of horses on a console is linked to how far you push the joystick, while others outright dismissed the original theory. OP wasn't having that, however, so they returned a few days later with receipts.

“Since I got downvoted so much, here’s proof that pc players are faster,” they say.

They do mention that what we’re seeing could be a glitch, though plenty of others in the comments seem to back up what’s been put forward. 

You’ve also got PC players saying that having quicker horses isn’t all that. They went through a revelation themselves recently that horses go quicker the further away your cursor is. That’s grand until you try and head south and find that UI is in the way. 

Elsewhere, Diablo 4 players are getting busy taking down the hardest boss on offer solo in under a minute, or coming together to find evidence of a secret cow level that Blizzard is adamant doesn’t exist – for now, anyway.

You'll need to create a new Diablo 4 character with every Battle Pass to level it up.

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