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Diablo III boss guide


The fallen angel makes his return and this time he means business. Izual is everything you don't want in a boss. He is quick, powerful and has a lot of help. The key will be taking out his minions as quick as possible. Staying out of his arms reach also helps. Izual hits hard and trying to tank that damage can be difficult for class. He doesn't have many attacks and mostly he will focus on attacking you with his sword.

He also summons frost orbs that explode about 5 seconds after they first form. They are easy to see so be sure to stay on the move and away from their blast radiuses. Getting frozen during this boss will spell your doom.

Kiting Izual is the best method of defeating him. Moves that slow him or stun him work great as you can see from our video. The Demon Hunter’s Entangling Shot is a great tool to keep this heavy hitter out of your face. Be mindful of the battlefield, take care of minions as they spawn, keep Izual slowed and before long this angel will fall again.


Diablo, the Lord of Terror, is more powerful than ever and ready to show you what all those shiny, new demon souls can really do. Similar to Belial this boss has three stages. Before you start trading blows run to the upper corners of the map to where the health shires are located.

Diablo has a few melee attacks but they aren't very powerful. One of his most devastating moves is his bone prison spell. When he starts his attack dark shadows will appear on the ground. Stay away from the shadows and keep on the move when you see them. If you get caught in these traps you will be paralyzed. Diablo will then run to you, grab you and slam you down for major damage. These cages will also stay around for a bit, so make sure you don’t get pinned between Diablo and a wall of bone. It would be wise to spam the potion button if you get caught so the moment you hit the ground you will get healed.

Also watch out for his fireball that explodes into an AoEs, his fire stomp nova, and his damage over time spell that explodes after about 10 seconds. None of these spells are too problematic, just be ready to pop a health shrine.

Before long he will shift the battle into the Realm of Terror. Here you will fight a shadow form of Diablo along with a shadow clone of yourself. The Diablo-ganger has no new moves except for summoning your clone. Your duplicate will have your same skill set, sometimes with more advanced runes. Make sure you deal with your clone quickly as Diablo will spawn in shortly after. Your shadow form can pack a punch, but you should be able to down them quickly.

Upon killing shadow Diablo the battle will shift back into the normal world. The lord of Hell will now have a few extra moves to compliment his old attack routine. Meteors will also begin to fall from the sky. His newest attack, what we dubbed the Lightning Flamethrower, can ruin your day if you’re not paying attention. Diablo will shoot a ray of fiery lightning that deals massive damage. If you are familiar with D2 then this attack will ring a bell, probably yours. For an idea of what we mean consult the video and go to 2:23.

You can see that even on a Wizard in the high 40's this move still blew through a hefty chunk of health. On characters in their 20's and 30's it will spell their doom. Avoid this move by running perpendicular to where he is facing while he is charging the energy for the attack. You’ll know when you see the animation. Diablo will turn to try to hit you, but you should be able to outrun the wave.

Diablo doesn’t have too much armor and his health will go down at a steady rate. Most classes won't have an issue of knocking his health bar down. Carefully avoid his Bone Prisons and Lightning Flamethrowers and before long the Prime Evil himself will be cast back to Hell.