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Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentations guide

Stealth Enhancer (contd.)

Last Known Location Marker

Indicates on the map where enemies are currently looking for you after you’ve been detected.

Worth Buying?

No. Possibly one of the lamest augments in the game, this is of almost no use. There’s very little need for this as you can easily tell where the enemy soldiers are looking by glancing at the large cluster of enemies yelling "WHERE IS HE?" on your map.

Mark & Track 1.0-3.0

Allows you to manually tag enemies so you can keep tabs on them as they patrol around. Each level allows for an additional two enemies to be tagged.

Worth Buying?

No. Mark & Track 1.0 is of only marginal use, but the fact you can waste two more Praxis points on it for 2.0 and 3.0 is plain stupid. Most enemies follow a set patrol route, so tagging them is generally unnecessary.

Hacking: Capture

Capture 1-5

Allows you to hack security terminals of levels equal to, or lower than your Capture level.

Worth Buying?

Yes. Even if you’re not planning on a full stealth playthrough, you’ll occasionally need to hack into something. Regardless of your build, investing the full 4 points into Capture is never a bad idea.

Camera Domination

After hacking a security terminal this allows you to turn off any security cameras attached to it.

Worth Buying?

Not really. It can be useful in the rare instance where a camera stares directly at an area you need to get through, but you can generally stealth by these. It is mandatory if you want to unlock the next two upgrades though.

Turret Domination

Allows you to disable turrets from hacked security terminals or turn them against your enemies.

Worth Buying?

Yes. While turrets aren’t ultra common, if you do hack them they can clear an entire room of enemies fairly quickly. Even better, with a strength upgrade you can carry a hacked turret around and use it as a makeshift homing Gatling gun.

Robot Domination

Same as the turret domination but this allows you to disable security bots or turn them on your enemies.

Worth Buying?

Maybe. Robots are even rarer than turrets, though they’re more common near the game’s end. As with the dominated turrets, they can make short work of a room full of soldiers.

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