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Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentations guide

Typhoon Explosive System

Light Damage Variant/Heavy Damage Variant

Undoubtedly one of the more badass augments, this causes a mini shitstorm around Adam that kills anyone in the blast radius. Each use consumes one energy bar and one Typhoon ammo. The upgraded Heavy Damage Variant allows you to take out robots.

Worth Buying?

Yes. If you’re not interested in a stealth or kill-free run, go ahead and grab the Typhoon. Typhoon ammo is fairly uncommon, so try and save it for special occasions. The Typhoon is particularly useful towards the game’s end.

Arm Augmentations

Instant Take-Down

Allows you to instantly incapacitate lethally or non-lethally an enemy at close range.

Worth Buying?

Yes. This is an awesome augment that works well with any build, as it allows for both lethal and non-lethal takedowns. The only down side is that it can quickly eat up your energy reserves if you try and take down multiple enemies at a time.

Punch Through Wall

Adam uses one energy bar and breaks through a weak portion of a wall.

Worth Buying?

Yes. Surprisingly, this is rarely ever used as an attack. Its main function is opening hidden paths, and is generally a great option for players trying to go stealth or take hidden routes. Any path you take that seems to just dead end usually has a wall you can punch through. Weak portions of walls are highlighted once you get this augment, so you’ll know when to use it.

Move/Throw Heavy Objects

Allows Adam to lift large objects, like fridges and vending machines. Consumes a small amount of energy as it’s used.

Worth Buying?

Yes. A lot of the game's hidden paths and vents are tucked behind vending machines, so this is actually a great augment for players looking for a stealth run. It also lets you carry large boxes around as makeshift cover, or to help boost you over fences and walls. Blocking doorways or narrow paths with large objects can also be helpful when escaping patrolling guards.

Carrying Capacity

Each level adds 2 additional columns of space to your inventory.

Worth Buying?

Yes. More inventory space is always good, though if you’re stringent about what you carry around, one or two levels of this is generally enough to get you through the game. You’ll definitely need all 3 if you’re a real pack-rat though.

Recoil Compensation

Initial upgrade eliminates weapon recoil by 50%, level 2 eliminates all weapon recoil.

Worth Buying?

Maybe. If you’re going for a full combat build it’s definitely worth having, especially if you’re using the Heavy Rifle.

Aim Stabilizer

Each level of Aiming Motion Control removes 50% and then 100% of aiming penalties from shooting while moving.

Worth Buying?

No. Even if you’re making a full combat build, you’ll still usually need to take cover. Running and gunning in the open will usually get you killed in any area with more than 3 soldiers, so there’s not a whole lot of use for this augment.

Eye Augmentations

Smart Vision

Manually activated, allows you to see enemies through walls.

Worth Buying?

Maybe. A fun augment to play around with, though you can generally just use your map and pay attention instead.

Retinal Prosthesis

Displays the HUD in your vision. You start the game with this.

Worth Buying?


Cooldown Timer

Displays a timer that lets you know exactly when enemies will leave Alert mode.

Worth Buying?

No. Maybe if you need to use the bathroom in real life while Adam’s tucked behind a crate this would be useful, but otherwise you can just wait it out.

Flash Suppressant

Prevents you from being blinded when a concussion grenade goes off near you.

Worth Buying?

Maybe. Just enough enemies use concussion grenades for it to be annoying, so it’s not a bad investment if you’ve got a spare Praxis point.

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