Details on next Guild Wars chapter spilled

The next chapter in NCSoft's and ArenaNet's Guild Wars MMOG series is named Eye of the North and is due for release in Q3 this year, it's being reported.

According to The Inquirer, Eye of the North is targeted at max-level characters and features "18 new multi-level dungeons, 40 new armor sets, 10 new Heroes and a massive 150 new skills, out of which 50 belong only to PvE."

Above: If EotN has any many bone dragons as the original, we're sold

It's said the new chapter will also conclude events in Tyria following the end of Guild Wars: Prophecies, and seeminglyalsomark the end of Guild Wars.

An NCSoft representative declined to comment on this information when contacted earlier.

The Inquirer's report goes on to claim details on Guild Wars 2. It says the sequel is currently pencilled in for release 2009-to-2010 - with a public beta test scheduled for 2008 - features a revamped graphics engine and is set hundreds of years after Prophecies and Eye of the North. Mention is alsomade of zone-wide events likened to World of Warcraft 's Battlegrounds.

March 6, 2007