Destruction AllStars best characters: Who are the best characters to play as?

Destruction AllStars
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There are 16 contenders for the Destruction AllStars best characters list, and while each of them has the same basic capabilities; drive cars, ram opponents, collect crystals, the breaker abilities are what can make the difference. Every character in Destruction AllStars has a character breaker and a vehicle breaker, which provide much-needed boosts to help you earn points in every game mode. Here are the best Destruction AllStars characters we've found, after playing (and winning) a number of matches. Note that the characters are in no particular order – these are just the top four we've found.

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Jian - Morningstar

Destruction AllStars best characters: Jian

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With his headband and off-brand AirPods, Jian is the epitome of badass and his vehicle matches that. Morningstar can sprout spikes all over its body, "like a hedgehog" according to the in-game description. This means that colliding with anyone, no matter the speed you're travelling at, will deal some damage, especially if they get the ram on you. The spikes also regenerate incredibly quickly, so you can deploy them frequently.

Jian is also one of the few characters with a very useful on-foot breaker ability. He can deploy proximity mines which will deal damage to opponents no matter if they're in vehicles or on-foot. It doesn't help when you're engaging in melee combat but let's be honest, that's a bit naff in Destruction AllStars anyway.

Hana - Sabre

Destruction AllStars best characters: Hana

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Along with being, without a shadow of a doubt, the coolest character in the game, Hana is a very powerful pick in the arena. When Sabre is in play, she can activate a blade over the exterior of the car. Slam a vehicle with the blade deployed and you'll slice them in half, gaining some serious points.

Despite being melee focused, Hana's on-foot breaker is useful because it makes all of her barges – melee attacks – will KO in one hit. Get one of them to connect on any passing opponents and it's an easy way to earn some points.

Lupita - Wildfire

Destruction AllStars best characters: Lupita

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Lupita has one trick up her sleeve and thankfully, it's a powerful one. In Wildfire, activating its breaker will deploy a trail of fire; any vehicles that pass through it will be set alight, taking damage over time, while anyone on-foot who tries to run through the flames will be knocked out instantly. This is also great because you can use it to section off areas of the arena, meaning cars will have to pass through it in order to escape.

Her on-foot breaker is essentially the same thing, but rather than knocking out on-foot AllStars straight away, it will set them alight. Very useful indeed.

Ultimo Barricado - The Undisputed

Destruction AllStars best characters: Ultimo Barricado

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Finally, we have Ultimo Barricado. His vehicle, The Undisputed, doesn't offer anything particularly special, instead offering a simple ability that is very powerful in the right hands. It essentially equips the front of the vehicle with an enormous shield which blocks all incoming damage, along with dishing out extra damage. As long as you can land the hits, The Undisputed is a brilliant vehicle.

On foot, Ultimo's breaker just makes him immune. Punches, vehicles trying to run him over, traps, nothing will knock him down for the duration of the breaker.

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