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Destroy All Humans remake's new trailer is a nostalgia trip

THQ Nordic is wishing everyone a happy Independence Day with a brand new Destroy All Humans trailer.

Fans of the 2005 original will probably enjoy the remake's likeness to the original. As IGN (opens in new tab) notes, players are greeted with the following message as soon as they start a new game: "While the experience has been upgraded, the content and historical record of the original invasion of the Furons remains a near-identical clone!"

As someone who had a blast destroying all humans in the early 2000s, I'm not upset about THQ's faithful approach to the Destroy All Humans remake. Though, I haven't played the game in almost 15 years, so I'm waiting to see if the alien antics are as appealing in 2020. I will say one thing: the tag at the end of the trailer, "Happy 4th of July, Earthlings! The last one as you know it!" didn't sit well. 

GamesRadar editor Austin Wood seemed to enjoy his time with the remaster when he got to play it at E3 2019. "It looks and feels exactly the way I remember it, which can only mean it looks and feels way better than the original actually did," he wrote (opens in new tab) at the time. 

"When preparing a hostile planet for a Furon Invasion, always consult the Furon Handbook of Infiltration and Invasions: 'Cut off the snake's head by locating the seat of the enemy leader or government and burn it to the ground.' Following these simple but effective instructions will grant you a takeover in no time!" reads the official description.

By all indication, it looks like fans of the original are in for a treat when Destroy All Humans releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on July 28.

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Jordan Gerblick
Jordan Gerblick

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