Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location January 6 - 8. Monte Carlo!

It's his first visit since The Dawning and Xur, like the rest of us, is looking a little worse for wear after three weeks of merriment. Standing alone in The Reef, there's a distinct whiff of camembert and gin-scented regret emanating from the spaghetti-faced Destiny merchant this week but it's ok, we've all been there. Can I perhaps suggest a Nutribullet in place of all those actual bullets? Most importantly though, has Xur brought us some new year Exotic-flavoured cheer or is 2017 the new 2016? Well, let's see. 

• Monte Carlo (Exotic Auto Rifle) - 23 Strange Coins
• Helm of Inmost Light (Exotic Titan Helmet) - 13 Strange Coins
• Young Ahamkara's Spine (Exotic Hunter Gauntlets) - 13 Strange Coins
• Light Beyond Nemesis (Exotic Warlock Gauntlets) - 13 Strange Coins
• Legacy Exotic Engram (Heavy Weapon) - 31 Strange Coins
• Exotic Shard - 7 Strange Coins

Should you buy Monte Carlo? Well. Hmm. If it's not in your armoury, you've got enough Strange Coins and a desire to collect all the Exotics then probably, but it's not exactly going to set your Destiny world on fire like a flaming battle axe. This previously PlayStation-exclusive auto rifle looks pretty swish but the inside doesn't really match the suave exterior. In terms of perks, it'll speed up your melee cooldown as you do damage and gives you the chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill which is rather nice for a Sunsinging Warlock but you'll find better autos elsewhere - Zhalo Supercell anyone? 

On the up though, if you're a Titan Striker and don't have the Helm of Inmost Light, you better have been saving up those Strange Coins from The Dawning's present boxes because this headwear will turn you into the Hulk. With its Recklessness perk, the Helm of Inmost Light hands over Death from Above and Headstrong for the Fist of Havoc super. The former means you can activate Fist of Havoc mid-air to smash into the ground like an enemy dissolving cannonball, while the latter ups the range and gives you the destruction capabilities of a small and very angry meteorite (probably). Anyway. Damage. It does serious damage. 

Hunters, you don't get it quite as good, but the bonus trip mine from the Field Trip perk in Young Ahamkara's Spine is a nice boost and the extra tripmine duration is always fun for bonus 'splodey enemies. They look pretty good with all those, well, spines too. And don't worry Warlocks, Xur has something for you too. The Light Beyond Nemesis helmet isn't just easy on the eyes. The Keeper of the Pack perk means you'll revive and be revived faster so ideal for some PvP chaos. 

Xur's also now selling Exotic Shards as a staple if you've got your eye on some infusions, and Three of Coins are back after an absence last week. Remember, Xur's a bit like a Christmas tree, he's always gone before you want him to be but clears up a space that you didn't know you needed to vacuum. He'll disappear at 10am GMT/ 2am PT on Sunday so get shopping.

Louise Blain

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