Destiny: Rise of Iron takes you to the workbench of the original Gjallarhorn

Not only will you build your own Gjallarhorn in Destiny's Rise of Iron (opens in new tab)expansion, you'll even see where the original was assembled with one filigreed golden plate at a time. Rise of Iron executive producer Scott Taylor gave us a hint about the origins of the infamous rocket launcher at Gamescom 2016 (opens in new tab).

"In the quest [to create your own Gjallarhorn] you do learn about it, you see where it was built, and you see the workbench and all this other stuff," Taylor said. "The whole point of the quest is following its path and the creation of it originally, and bringing it back. So that story is told."

We know that Gjallarhorn was crafted by Feizel Crux (of the Crux/Lomar weapons foundry) from the armor of Guardians who perished at the battle of Twilight Gap, where many laid down their lives to deflect a unified Fallen push against the last defenses of the City. If you have even a little bit of Destiny lore nerd in you, the chance to see where and how those scraps were reforged from a symbol of loss into one of strength and defiance should be pretty exciting.

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