Destiny planning 'rewards' for those helping out the Christmas newbs

Look, not everyone's playing Destiny... I know, I know. People have to start somewhere and, for many, that might well be Christmas, when the gaming fairies bring consoles and other digital gifts.

Bungie are apparently putting the "finishing touches" on a program they're called Refer-a-Friend for Destiny's November update. It's going to involve "new rewards aimed at recognising your service to the Kinderguardian."

It sounds like experienced players could get something out of helping all the newbies running around the Tower trying to work out what's going on come December 25th. New shaders or emblems, maybe? WHAT ABOUT A SANTA HAT! Sorry, got carried away.

Also on the way in the new update is a fix for Destiny's Shadowshot Quiver exploit, which saw the ability pulled from the Hunter sub-class after players found opening and closing the menu mid-shot refilled the super bar. Not great, then. There's also some new items on the way, changes to the Crucible and Banshee-44 will be selling weapon parts now.

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Leon Hurley
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