Destiny's November update will fix Crucible Legendary drops, quests, and bounties

Some Guardians enter the Crucible for glory and the thrill of battle. Others, including yours truly, do it for the bounties and quest chains. Bungie says next big update for Destiny, currently set to arrive by Thanksgiving (that's November 26, non-US friends), will make life easier for those of us who would rather check all our boxes and get back to shooting at the AI.

First off, you should start noticing better Legendary drops in the Crucible. If you felt like you had to fork over a few too many Legendary marks to get your Iron Banner gear from Lord Saladin last week, you were far from alone - apparently a bug is affecting how Legendary drops happen throughout the Crucible. Once that's fixed, you should get noticeably more lucky picks. Expect the fix to arrive in time for the next Iron Banner.

Bugs aside, Bungie's discovered that some of The Taken King's daily Crucible bounties aren't meeting their "get it done in a handful of games" criteria. The studio isn't offering specifics for now, but you should expect some big changes for bounties that are "too hard to complete, demand too much carnage at once, or put too much requirement on other players" - the really challenging stuff will remain the domain of Weekly Bounties and other event Bounties.

You can also expect significant revision to the circuitous Crucible Forged questline. Lord Shaxx's nigh-endless errand list currently requires you to satisfy certain conditions for each Crucible mode one at a time, in exchange for some pretty middling rewards. That one mega-questline will be split up into a bunch of smaller, shorter quests, giving you more flexibility to complete them with friends.

With all those tweaks and fixes in mind, Thanksgiving is looking even further off. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for the update to catch up with Trials of Osiris: the weekend-long, three-on-three competition will have its Destiny Year 2 debut on October 30. Assuming Nightstalkers don't figure out another trick to get infinite Shadowshot before then, anyway.

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